Dinuwa Wheat Grass Superfood - Amazing 80/20 Blend Of Whole Leaf - Juice Powder Has The Highest Nutrition Absorption Rate. Vegan Gluten And Dairy Free High In Protein Vitamins Enzymes And Chlorophyll

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Question: How is Wheatgrass a superfood?

Answer: Wheatgrass is an extremely healthy food for the body with every known mineral to man and its full of readily absorb-able vitamins like Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E, I and K proteins and 17 amino acids which give tons of natural energy!

Question: How does Dinuwa Wheatgrass help me feel more energy?

Answer: Dinuwa Wheatgrass is a natural Anti Oxidant that rapidly kills free radicals in your body which is like carrying a heavy backpack for a long time and then shedding it off! You'll feel a lightness in your step, you'll have more energy, and your immune system will bounce back.

Question: Why is Dinuwa more nutrient dense and fresher than the competition?

Answer: Our farmers have been growing specific to this product usage in mind for over 2 decades and have perfected the timing of planting, days of sunshine, and plant stages. Harvesting just prior to the jointing stage and when all the other factors are optimal ensures extremely high nutrient density.

Its then handled with speed and care to get naturally drying through the Phytolive proprietary drying process which keeps the plants within a safe range of heat through the whole process to ensure we dont needlessly kill the nutrients in the plant.

Question: Why are the location of the fields important to the quality of the product?

Answer: We grow at high elevations in the mountains of southern Utah which give us a very high number of sunshine days in our growing season. We are also at the foothills of ancient volcanoes which annually replenishes the soil with rich nutrients from natural watershed.

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Product Features

2X THE IMPACT FOR THE PRICE OF 1! Our 30 day (10.5 oz) supply blend has 200% higher nutrient absorption rate compared to all the leading brands. How? Simple, we combined wheatgrass Juice powder and whole leaf powder to give you the most valuable blend available....What does this mean to you? The same great health benefits at a much lower cost! A FRESH APPROACH! Because we own the farms, and the drying and packing facilty and we sell direct to you, the consumer, we are able to not only pass the savings on to you, but guarantee the freshness and quality of our products! UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Since our crops are grown at over 5,000 feet elevation in the mountains of Southern Utah you reap the benefit of one of the highest "sunny days growing seasons" in the country as well as all the natural minerals in the soil being replenished annually from the watershed runoff from local ancient volcanoes. This is great because this means our crops are naturally nutrient dense from the soil which leads to the highest quality of crop possible. DELICIOUS! If you've been using wheatgrass for awhile you'll most likely have tried some brands where the taste is almost unbearable. You will be pleasantly blown away by the smell and taste of this product. When you realize the immense impact for good it is having on your body, you'll happily drink this like Rocky drinking raw eggs for breakfast. Since it is part Juice powder, the texture is much smoother than 100% whole leaf powder and the smell is undeniably fresh. TRUSTED! Our lead scientist/nutritionist has produced 100% raw organic wheatgrass for well over 24 years and has helped over 2 million people experience the valuable impacts wheatgrass has on the body. We happily and confidently stand by our products and if for any reason you're unhappy with the results you're getting, we're happy to give a full refund!

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