Certified Organic Ginger Root Powder 16Oz - 1Lb. Natural Digestive Support. Enhances overall Health and Vitality. Raw Whole Superfood. 100% All Natural, Fresh and Original. No GMO and Gluten Free.

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Manufacturer Description

Our Organic Aura Ginger Root Powder is in a triple protected container. 1 Lb - 16 Oz of Certified Organic Ginger Powder.

Culinary Benefits of Ginger Powder :
Dried ginger powder is commonly used in spices and masalas, curries and stews.
Other than adding flavor, adding a pinch of this spice in your daily soup or curries to prevent excess gas in the stomach.
A cup of masala chai is great for common cold or a sore throat. Mix cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fennel and ginger powder to make a hot cup of tea.

Beauty Benefits of Ginger powder :
Did you know ginger powder is used in various face packs to prevent acne and pimples?
Its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial properties help to unclog pores and kill acne-causing bacteria.
All you need to do is to mix milk and ginger powder and make a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. This mask will rejuvenate your skin leaving you with a fresh and youthful glow.
You can also make a toner with ginger powder. Boil two teaspoons of ginger powder in four cups of water. Add a few drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil and mix it well. Store it in a glass bottle and refrigerate. It keeps your skin hydrated and reduces dryness.
Relieves Upset Stomach -An upset stomach can be annoying and painful at the same time. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help the stomach to neutralise the digestive juices and further stimulates food digestion and absorption, eliminating the excess gas from intestinal tracts.
Improves Metabolism - Dry ginger powder contains thermogenic agents that are useful to burn fat. Regular consumption of ginger powder may actually help in boosting your metabolism and burning off the excess fat further helping you lose weight. Make sure to add ginger to your daily diet to aid weight loss.

Product Features

Certified Organic Ginger Root Powder. 100% Pure and Natural. OPTIMAL FOR SIMPLE SUPPLEMENTATION - Raw and Original. Natural source to support Healthy Digestion and Immune Health. In a triple protected container. Natural Digestive Support. A TRULY NATURAL SOLUTION. Organic Aura Ginger powder is truly all natural. We never add artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or fillers and additives to our products, making it a true natural remedy for those who want to use ginger supplements for variety of health benefits and increasing over-all health aura. MADE IN THE USA - GMP and FDA certified facility. QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON We only manufacture our products in the USA at a facility that is GMP, FDA, and NFS certified ensuring that every batch is pure, potent and of great quality and free of contaminants. All our products are laboratory tested and certified in USA. We also send you certificate of analysis, origin and test results. 1 Lb - 16 Oz of Certified Organic Ginger Powder in a CONTAINER. EMPOWERING LIFE and SPREADING HOPE: We donate 10% of profit from your purchase to St Jude's Research Hospital and Childrens Hospital. AN IDEAL ADDITION TO YOUR HEALTHY DIET Organic Aura ginger powder is 100% Pure and Fresh and Original made from top quality ginger roots from single source, grown by traditional organic farming.

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